Court is Now in Session: A Review of Trial & Error

Hello, this is your Captain speaking. Another mockumentary has hit airwaves and I am all too excited to review it for you.

The Facts:

Trial & Error is a weekly mockumentary sitcom that airs on NBC (CTV in Canada) about an oddball who is the prime suspect in his (late) wife’s murder and the team assembled to proves his innocence.

Pilot Plot:

Josh, an up and coming New York lawyer moves to a sleepy, small town to aid in the defense of an offbeat professor, Larry, who is accused of murdering his wife. Josh is given a team to help him with his first big case, however, as luck would have it, he may as well be flying solo, as his teammates, Anne Flatch and Dwayne Reed, are just as quirky as the man that he’s defending. Between Larry’s roller-cising, Anne’s many disorders and the dimwittedness of Dwayne, Josh has his work cutout for him.

Destination: Review

This spoof on the true-crime genre is refreshingly silly. The show doesn’t take it self too seriously which makes for a lot of laughs. John Lithgow, most notably known for 3rd Rock From the Sun, brings the same charm and charisma to this new role. The characters are as odd as they are endearing and that alone had me rooting for this rag-tag-band-of-misfit-toys.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch all of the episodes in a single sitting as the show releases episodes on a weekly basis. However, if the option ever presents itself I will completely support you in your binge-watching endeavor.

Until next time, thank you for joining me on my couch.




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