Not A Rising Star: A Review of Star

Hello, this is your Captain speaking. Happy Friday Eve! Lee Daniels has done it again… and by ‘done it again’ I mean created another drama centered on the music scene. So, let’s review Star, shall we?

 The Facts:

Star is a drama (with musical numbers featured in each episode) about three young women trying to make a name for themselves as a girl group in Atlanta.

The series is on both Fox and Netflix with new episodes airing on a weekly basis.

Pilot Plot:

The titular character, Star, leaves her foster home and demands to be emancipated after a confrontation with her foster mother. She also wants to know where her half-sister is so that she can be reunited with her after many years of separation. As Star is a handful and very persuasive her social worker reluctantly obliges to both requests and sends Star on her way with Simone’s file and a handful of letters form a woman named Carlotta. When Star arrives at Simone’s foster home she finds Simone’s foster father raping her and in a fit of blind rage she kills him (at least she thinks he’s dead) so that the two can flee. Once on the road and in a better state of mind, Star and Simone discuss their next move—literally, they plan to move to Atlanta where Carlotta, the author of the letters and their deceased mothers former best friend—lives. But before they can do that they have one last thing to take care of, they have to pick up Alex, a wealthy teen that Star met on Instagram and the third member of their trio.

In Atlanta under Carlotta’s care the girls begin to seek out ways to start their musical careers. They perform at bars, and strip clubs until a not-so-chance encounter occurs and Star meets their future manager Jahil. He arranges for the girls to perform at his God son’s –who happens to be a famous football player—party.

On the surface things seem to be falling into place for the girls, but not everything is, as it seems. Simone is following in the footsteps of their addict mother, using drugs and alcohol to numb her pain. They also have to deal with Carlotta’s disapproval of the music business. So it looks like there are many turbulence ahead.

Destination: Review

Star isn’t a show that I’d necessarily recommend to any one because it isn’t exactly good. The dialogue isn’t well thought out and the characters have a tendency to be flakey. The pilot episode had a lot of events and at times it felt rushed because they wanted to get to the next dramatic turn of events.

It doesn’t however, shy away from social issues such as transphobia, sexual assault, drug abuse, the Black Lives Matter movement and the negative aspects of the being a child in the system (yeah, all of that in just the Pilot episode). Which is pleasant as some of the subject matter covered in this episode don’t always get their moment in the sun.

The musical numbers are nicely choreographed and executed with a high degree of professionalism. I can see why each of the actresses was selected for their respective roles, as they are all very talented.

With that said, I’m not going to shout from a roof top that I like Star anytime soon I will however, quietly watch the rest of the first season to see where it goes. It most certainly isn’t binge-worthy. Star a cringe-worthy show that I will guiltily indulge in from time to time, in a Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s sort of way.

Until next time, thank you for joining me on my couch.




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