“In A Little Town Called Riverdale…”: A Review of Riverdale

Hello, this is your Captain speaking. Murder and love triangles and redheads! Oh my! But would you expect anything less from a little town called Riverdale? Let the drama reign supreme!

 The Facts:

Riverdale is a darker, edgier and sexier attempt at bringing Archie Andrews from the pages of a comic book to the silver screen.

It premiered on January 26, 2017 with episodes airing weekly on The CW and Netflix.

 Pilot Plot:

Riverdale, a formerly sleepy town, is abuzz after the death of one of its residence, the young Jason Blossom on the fourth of July. He and his twin sister Cheryl Blossom had ventured out for an early morning boat ride but only Cheryl returns. Although no body is recovered his death is ruled an accident and is deemed the tragedy of the summer.

Fast-forward to the last day before school resumes at Riverdale High and we are introduced to the new girl in town, Veronica Lodge, a reformed ice-queen who is looking to turn over a new leaf. Betty Cooper, the classic girl-next-door, is employed to show Veronica the ropes as her peer mentor. The two meet at Pop’s Dinner, the local hot-spot for teens, while Veronica is picking up some grub and Betty is attempting to confess her true feelings to her longtime crush, Archie Andrews (attempting and failing).

On the first day of school everyone is waiting on baited breath to find out if the first dance of the year is cancelled out of respect for the life that was lost, however, Cheryl reassures the student body that her twin brother would not want everyone to spend the year mourning his death and insists that the event goes on as planned. After a bit of goading from Veronica, Betty invites Archie to take not only her but Veronica as well to the Semi Formal, an offer he accepts. Needless to say, the night does not go well for anyone especially considering it concludes with the body of Jason Blossom being discovered in the shallow end of Sweet Water River.

 Destination: Review

This is definitely not the Archie of the 1940’s. If you’re looking for a nostalgic walk down memory lane then Riverdale isn’t going to fit the bill. The characters, though recognizable, are modernized to capture the attention of a new generation. Archie has abs, Jughead broods, Betty’s on Adderall and Miss. Grundy has been de-aged by thirty or so years. In this reimaging, Archie and company tweet, drink and have sex.

It showcases diversity where it was previously lacking, casting many visible minorities as key characters like Josie McCoy and Reggie Mantle. Which is refreshing to say the least.

Riverdale is a combination of CW predecessors like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and Dawson’s Creek with a murder mystery backdrop thrown in for good measure. It’s entertaining and racy, filling a void that The Vampire Diaries left behind when the series ended earlier this year.

The love triangle (my favourite shape if I’m being honest), is a trope that instantly captivates and has fans pledging their elegance to one pairing or the other. However, in Riverdale, it does not seem to be the main attraction of the show. Even after the events of the dance, it all came back to the mystery. The driving force. The heartbeat. The blood of the show. Who killed Jason Blossom? What happened that day on the river? What did Jason do to Polly? What caused the rift between Jughead and Archie? What’s going to happen next?

If I weren’t the impatient soul that I am I would wait for the season to be over so I could binge-watch all of the episodes marathon-style (because yes, my dear Co-pilot, it is binge-worthy) but because I am not I will be consuming all the episodes that are currently available to stream on Netflix and eagerly awaiting the next (I am a sucker for a good mystery).

Until next time, thank you for joining me on my couch.




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